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Keep personal hygiene and thus improves personnel health.

Get an experience and feeling of cleanliness.

Get relevant info made for them.

Develop positive feelings towards the content of the messages.

Feel that they are being cared for.

Feel an improvement towards a connection with the community


Get direct communication with their employees and customers.

Get control of the message they send, direct and clear to everyone.

Save time in message passing, and pass highly effective messages.

See an increase in motivation and competitiveness in the workforce, which increases production.

Get a useful tool to increase overall efficiency.

Get a warm and trustworthy connection to employees and customers.

See an increase of positive attitude from employees and clients.

Preserve manpower and keep human resources from leaving.

Reduce sick leave.

Get a simple and easy to use tool.

Smart LED station, with a designed and advanced look, with a sharp 19” sturdy digital display screen, which is located at eye height and gives them something in exchange for looking at the messages. The station is easily accessible, user-friendly and has a unique interaction with the user while they are getting their hands disinfected.

Technical specification: 

Dimensions: 160x368x1165 mm * Weight: 8.3 Kg. * Stand/Cover height: 80 height. 45 cm panel width * Technical specification for disinfectant dispenser: Volume: 3600 ml * Pump: Cleaning detergent pump * Technical specification for data screen: Screen size: 19” * Display ratio: 16:10 * Resolution: 1440×900 (pixels) * Brightness: 450cd/m2 * Speaker: 2-1W speakers * Contrast: 1:1000 * Viewing angles: 160°/160° * Power supply: AC 100-240V * Power consumption: 35W * Processer: Alwinner A20, 1.0-1.5 Ghz * Memory: 1 GB

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As part of our excellent service, we created a next gen control center for you, which aids in viewing progress and reviewing content, and allows control of all of our devices you have.

Our advanced and capable software and hardware integration allows us to make sure your messages and reports are always up to date and adjusted as per your instruction.

We believe our advanced technology, great service and diligent workers will lead you to more success. “Connect, get more”