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Buzz 10′


Keep personal hygiene and thus improves personnel health.

Get an experience and feeling of cleanliness.

Get a positive feeling towards the environment around them.

Get the option of sending direct feedback immediately and on the spot.

Get an accurate feeling of being given the ability to change things for the better.


Get direct feedback from the users of the device.

Get feedback in real time about an area or service.

Get the ability to monitor service rank and its quality.

Receive a significant decrease of complaints.

Have a way to find out about, track, and fix issues in real time.

Receive a large saving of time and manpower usually dedicated to monitoring and supervision.

Have a useful tool to measure the increase in quality of service.

Get a useful tool to get answers about solved issues.

Have a simple way to get the major consensus on things.

Have a cleaner and healthier workplace environment, which will reduce sick leaves.

Can be brought in to bids and contracts to maintain the level of service suppliers.

Choose your style

Smart stations with which you can transfer messages to your employees and receive feedback from them.

Decision making based on real time data.





Technical specification:

Dimensions: 290x125x430 mm * Weight: 4.5 Kg. * Technical specification for disinfectant dispenser: Volume: 3000 ml * Pump: Cleaning detergent pump * Technical specification for data screen: Screen size: 10” * Display ratio: 16:9 * Resolution: 1280×800 (pixels) * Brightness: 250cd/m2 * Speaker: 2-1W speakers * Contrast: 1:300 * Viewing angles: 160°/160° * Power supply: AC 100-240V * Power consumption: 35W * Processer: Alwinner GB


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As part of our service, we measure the data collected by the Buzz 10’ for you, and then transform it to a report with graphs which is simple to understand. The reports are optimized for you, measuring parameters defined by you, and are sent regularly on a schedule that you assign.

The reports are empirical and conclusions can be drawn from them, which can be proceeded by taking effective and decisive action to better or change the issue.

The changes that are made are then tracked and data is collected about it. From that you’ll be able to see if the changes made transfer to the effect you want, or if further changes should be made.

The reports allow you to keep a close eye on things, improving service, and the satisfaction your customers, clients and employees have.

Remember, these are people which are important to you, and who you will get straight feedback from. Buzz 10 gives them something, and grants them the ability to help you better.

Sample report